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Vision: To break the cycle of inter-generational poverty affecting children, youth and women in informal settlements.

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Our mission is to help children to reach their full learning potential and to protect their rights, including rights to survival, development and well-being. To inculcate a positive attitude towards school, strengthen educational performance and reduce under performance at school. Promote economic livelihood among the youth and encourage gender equality, through supporting the education of the girl child including encouraging them to appreciate sports. To eradicate food insecurity, including hunger, malnutrition and micronutrient deficiency. What we do: Provide a free, safe & nurturing environment for children in informal settlements to do their homework and study after school, during week-ends and school holidays. The centre provides students with the following: • Space and time to do schoolwork in their area. • Graduates to support learners with homework and study skills • Reading material, access to computers, internet and printing • Help children to develop self-confidence & self-esteem and to reach their full academic potential, through accelerated learning and remedial classes. • Educational material, textbooks, workbooks, learning aids, toiletries, uniforms, food and food parcels • Daily cooked food prepared at the centre and take-home rations. • Exposure to women soccer, skills development and organize tournaments.

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Address: Kya Sands, 2188 Johannesburg

Phone: 0815530206
Email: david@pndprojects.co.za
Business Hours: 08:00AM - 06:00PM