PND Centre for Homewok & Study in informal settlement focuses on ensuring that children in informal  settlements have equal access to academic support. We focus on providing access to educational resources through the following programs:


  • Tutoring
  • Homework assistance
  • Reading Programme
  • Toy Library





We conducted research (face-to-face interviews, in-depth interviews and observations) in the community of Kya Sands informal settlement and found that children, youth and women in informal settlements are faced with many challenges . We have therefore put in place the following programs:


  • Family intergration (GBV awareness, family counselling)
  • Girl Talk
  • Feeding scheme



Economic Development & Sports

PCHS aims to empower children, youth and women in informal settlement. We want children to also see sports as another avenue for economic upliftment.


  • Business Development 
  • Sports development team
  • Other



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PCHS is a support centre for children, youth & women in informal settlements

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